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Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Library

Textile Exchange has created an open-source library of the Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data. This is pre-existing data that has already been collected, to which companies can apply their relevant parameters/assumptions and reduce the burden of primary data collection which is typically the most time and resource intensive step of an LCA study.

The LCI Library enables: 

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Textile Exchange partnered with SCS Global Services to develop the LCI Library.

Inventory data can either be downloaded or submitted to the LCI Library.

Submitting data – if you have inventory data available for a particular fiber/material type, you are encouraged to submit this to the library. You can view the submission guidance by clicking the submit data button.

Extracting data – you can extract LCI data directly from the LCI Library when extracting data users should read the methodology and guidance document by clicking the extract button.

If you have any questions or would like to request submission templates please email

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